Extras : Glossary of Terms (M - R)

Melchizedek Priesthood
The greater of the two divisions of the Mormon priesthood.
A local Mormon.
member discussion
A discussion taught by the missionaries to a member family, either as practice or in the course of a member visit.
member family
A family of active local Mormons.
member visit
An attempt by the missionaries to persuade a member family to introduce their non-member friends to the church.
An unscheduled transfer affecting only a few missionaries, usually brought about by an illness or other emergency.
An administrative unit of the Mormon Church, consisting usually of one to two hundred missionaries; the corresponding geographical region; the act or term of mission service.
mission home
The residence of a mission president.
mission office
The administrative headquarters of a mission.
mission president
The man called to supervise a mission, usually for a term of three years.
An individual called to proselytize far from home for a set period of time, usually two years for males and eighteen months for females.
Missionary Training Center; MTC
The facility in Provo, Utah, to which most North American missionaries report for a period of training—usually three weeks for English-speaking missionaries and eight weeks for those learning foreign languages—before entering the mission field.
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
Monopoly money
Canadian currency, so called because the various denominations come in different colors.
morality issue
A matter of personal worthiness, often sexual in nature, adversely affecting a missionary’s ability to perform his spiritual duties.
A sister’s trainer.
One who does not belong to the Mormon Church.
Statistics, often self-reported, reflecting the weekly performance of a companionship, district, zone, or mission.
Outer Darkness
In Mormon theology, the realm of ultimate eternal punishment for those cast out and cut off entirely from the presence of God; achievable only by that small handful of individuals who have rebelled against God after receiving sure witness of his truth.
Preparation day.
part-member family
A family split between members and non-members, usually with one spouse of each persuasion.
A missionary who breaks rules in secret but works hard to appear diligent.
A missionary apartment.
To teach and/or baptize an investigator residing in another companionship’s proselytizing area.
preparation day
The one day a week set aside for missionaries to run personal errands, and possibly to engage in recreational activities.
Mission president.
The literal power and authority to act in God’s name, passed down from one man to the next by the laying on of hands; collectively, the body of holders of the priesthood.
pross clothes
Proselytizing clothes.
One who informs on rule-breakers, often in hopes of personal advancement; to inform on one’s fellow missionaries.
To honorably discharge from mission service.
returned missionary; r.m.
One honorably discharged from mission service and returned home; a former missionary.
road trip
Any unauthorized journey outside one’s proselytizing area; most often applied to excursions undertaken for rule-breaking purposes.

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