Extras : Glossary of Terms (S - Z)

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
A temple ordinance in which family members are joined spiritually such that their bonds will exist and be recognized eternally, after death; performed between husbands and wives, or between parents and their children. Without the ordinance, family bonds are not guaranteed to continue in the afterlife.
The Mormon Church’s religious educational system for secondary school students, with locations adjacent to many high schools.
senior companion
The higher ranking member of a companionship.
senior couple
Older missionaries, usually of retirement age, who serve missions with their spouses for a period of six, twelve, or eighteen months.
sent home
Dishonorably discharged from mission service.
A female missionary; the term of address applied thereto.
An elder one trained.
split-off; splits
A temporary period spent working with a missionary other than one’s regularly assigned companion.
The volumes of scripture a missionary carries, so called because Mormons believe the Book of Mormon to be the “stick of Joseph” mentioned in Ezekiel 37:16-19, and the Bible to be the “stick of Judah.”
Telestial Kingdom
Lowest of the three levels of the Mormon afterlife, reserved for unrepentant sinners; said nonetheless to be so beautiful that any person seeing it would commit suicide to get there.
temple marriage
A marriage solemnized and sealed in a Mormon temple; the common term for such a wedding ceremony.
temple recommend
The laminated card signed by one’s bishop and stake president that confirms the bearer’s worthiness to participate in such temple ordinances as the endowment.
Terrestrial Kingdom
Second highest of the three levels of the Mormon afterlife, reserved for good people who nonetheless fail to accept the true gospel.
One’s strong personal belief in the Mormon gospel as a whole or in specific portions thereof; the spoken or written expression of that testimony.
three-leg; threesome
A companionship comprising three missionaries.
The act of proselytizing door-to-door, sometimes distributing pamphlets, or tracts.
One’s first companion as a greenie.
Assignment to a new proselytizing area and, usually, to a new companion.
transfer missionary
A missionary reassigned from a different mission.
The occasion every four to six weeks when missionary assignments are shuffled to accommodate promotions, releases, and new arrivals.
Sitting on one’s packed trunk; homesick.
To refrain from dating or serious romantic entanglement while one’s significant other serves a mission.
White Bible
The missionary handbook, containing rules and behavioral guidelines.
Proselytizing clothes.
without purse or scrip
Devoid of money or supplies, relying on the grace of God for survival; said of Jesus’s disciples as they ventured forth to proselytize, and of the earliest Mormon missionaries.
Word of Wisdom, the
A revelation to Joseph Smith on the topic of health, interpreted by the modern church as forbidding the use of coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs.
Word of Wisdom problem
A recurrent use of forbidden substances that precludes an investigator from baptism, or a member from temple attendance.
To Mormons, the gathering place of the Saints; a term often applied to Utah itself.
An administrative unit of a mission, usually consisting of four to six districts.
zone leader; z.l.
The missionary who supervises a zone.

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