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Reproductions of documents related to the story.

William Shunn's Ministerial Certificate
William Shunn's Conviction Record


Here are the first handful of chapters from the very earliest draft of The Accidental Terrorist—from, oh, around 1999. As you can see, some parts are similar in approach to the final draft, but some are very, very different.

Prologue: A Disciple of the Prophet Joseph Smith
Chapter 1: What Happened Before You Arrived
Chapter 2: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mormon


Setting a mood for the memoir, with my favorite music from the period, a few piano pieces from my repertoire of the time, and a couple of newer tunes that seemed fitting.

An Accidental Terrorist Soundtrack


No, not a how-to guide but a how-not-to guide. It may not actually have been written by the apostle Mark E. Petersen, but I was damn sure handed a photocopy of the typescript by my mission president in 1986. Yes, this was in common circulation in the mission field.

Steps in Overcoming Masturbation

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About the Book

What happens when an ambivalent young Mormon missionary is pushed to the limit in a challenge to prove his faith? Hint: the outcome is explosive. The Accidental Terrorist is the long-awaited memoir from Hugo and Nebula Award–nominated author William Shunn, based on his popular podcast. Available now from Sinister Regard!