Extras : Glossary of Terms (E - L)

The first or lowest office of the Melchizedek Priesthood; a male missionary; the term of address applied thereto.
In Mormon theology, God the Father; first member of the Godhead.
An ordinance or ritual conducted in Mormon temples, in which the recipient is taught the secret handshakes and passwords necessary to pass the sentries at the gates of heaven after death.
eternal investigator
One who takes the discussions repeatedly without being baptized, possibly out of loneliness.
“Every member a missionary”
A common aphorism exhorting all church members to talk about the gospel with their non-member friends.
To excommunicate.
The sacrament meeting at which a departing missionary speaks to his or her ward.
An elder’s trainer.
To befriend a non-member for purposes of proselytization.
field, the
Mission field.
A special evening meeting, usually for teens or young adults, featuring one or two talks on a particular gospel topic, so called because these gatherings originally took place around the hearth in a member family’s home.
garment; garments
The sacred underclothes worn by Mormons as a constant reminder of the oaths sworn during the endowment.
A non-member, so called because Mormons consider themselves to be spiritually adopted into the Tribes of Israel.
gift of discernment
The ability conferred upon Mormon leaders to tell truth from falsehood, or to glean hidden information, by means of the Spirit.
Gift of the Holy Ghost, the
The right, bestowed upon Mormons at confirmation, to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost, enabling the receiver to discern a proper, righteous course through life via the Spirit’s whisperings. Before confirmation, the Holy Ghost can be only an occasional presence in one’s life.
girl challenge; g.c.
The illicit romantic attraction between a missionary and a local female.
Godhead, the
In Mormon theology, the Trinity, comprising three separate and distinct personages: God the Father, his son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.
Highly receptive to the discussions.
Golden Plates, the
The engraved record from which Joseph Smith purportedly translated the Book of Mormon.
Golden Question, the
“What do you know about the Mormon Church?”; the prototypical opening gambit in proselytization.
An elder’s trainer’s trainer.
A sister’s trainer’s trainer.
A missionary new to the field.
Holy Ghost, the
In Mormon theology, third member of the Godhead, whose function is to make truth manifest to mankind through a still, small voice.
The sacrament meeting at which a returned missionary reports on his or her mission.
Institutes of Religion; Institute
The Mormon Church’s religious educational system for college-level students, with locations adjacent to many campuses.
One taking the discussions from the missionaries.
In Mormon theology, the premortal name of Jesus Christ; second member of the Godhead, and redeemer of mankind.
junior companion
The lower ranking member of a companionship.
In Mormon theology, the star nearest God’s throne, where one day is equal to a thousand of our years.
Language Training Mission; LTM
Forerunner to the Missionary Training Center.
laying on of hands, the
The act of priesthood holders ritually stacking their hands upon a recipient’s head; employed in blessings, ordinations, and some ordinances.
A missionary of accomplishments so memorable that his name lives on long after his release.

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