He couldn't have done what this says he did, could he?


Lakeside Review: Phoning in bomb threat results in fine - click to view - mousewheel to zoom
What? Surely the angelic young missionary pictured below could never have been capable of the act described in the 30-year-old newspaper clipping to the right. Right?

Sorry, but we're afraid he was. You can read all about it in my acclaimed memoir The Accidental Terrorist: Confessions of a Reluctant Missionary. For a limited time, you can get a personalized, signed edition for only $19.95 in hardcover or $11.95 in trade paperback,—with free shipping in the United States! Or get the ebook edition for just $2.99.

Trust me. That kid below? He's a bad, bad hombre. It's sad, really.

Young Elder Shunn at the Mormon temple in Provo, Utah, 1986 - click to view - mousewheel to zoom

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About the Book

What happens when an ambivalent young Mormon missionary is pushed to the limit in a challenge to prove his faith? Hint: the outcome is explosive. The Accidental Terrorist is the long-awaited memoir from Hugo and Nebula Award–nominated author William Shunn, based on his popular podcast. Available now from Sinister Regard!